Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!

Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!
On vacation I caught a big fish!


As I write this, I think about facebook, my job and my friends....I shower, I drink my beer, I worry about my kids, my friends, my work day...

With the politics, the stock market, the drama...the kid problems, relationship issues I realize something....


In my little circle, I know people who have tax debt, impending bankruptcies, pay child support, Good Lord the Cable Guy just lost a house, (as did I). Peoples kids and nephews are going overseas for a dream and a promise. Not to mention, we all hate to get the it any good except the Ruby Tuesday or Kohls coupon? Friends are getting second jobs, and paying child support...not receiving it. Ex's are assholes..slappin our kids when we aren't around...moms are going broke, siblings are living with parents and getting garnished for child support. What the hell, what haven't I seen.

Kids gettin into drugs..going to probation, Single Moms trying to bail them out. Trying to buy paycheck to paycheck. It's ridiculous..

But one thing I know...I love hard, work hard and play hard. I will also hate your ass hard. Right is right wrong is wrong. Black is black and white is white....The kids are important, Money's important, but more important is God and humanity.

Open a door... Smile Pretty when you don't want to...Pray constantly. I don't discuss politics and religion, I hate the's depressing and wrong. The weather's good, but unpredictable...

When push comes to shove, WE ALL HAVE SHIT....! Some no moms, some no dads, some no one at all. Dysfunction, immorality and anger and hate run rampid. Who knows when it's the devil or an angel of God telling you to go which direction? Very hard to tell in my book. Who to trust and who to walk away from.

Bottom line...keep the faith. Stay strong...get back to the basics. Do stuff that counts.

Sunday dinners for the kids - alone.
Naps when your tired.
Flowers...all the time.
Pick up trash.
Don't litter.
Pay your taxes.
Take care of business.
Make memories.
Make love.
Say thank you.
Say Good morning to those you love and tell them to have a good day.
Bargain shop, garage sale and flee market.
Buy new underwear.

Love love love. No matter how bad it seems, it will all get better. It always does and God has a plan for us in operations. Do more right things than wrong. Know that nothing is perfect nor is anyone.

Love love love...I love you all. We all can't be crazy at the same time. And know the world is not burdened on your shoulders. It may feel like it but WE ALL GOT SHIT AND IT COULD BE WORSE...

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  • A MAN is only good as his word...
  • Always be nice to the elderly !!!
  • ALWAYS CLARIFY to someone under 25 whether it's a LOAN or a GIFT
  • Be careful - I love you and don't call me if you go to JAIL
  • BE NICE - Try something different!
  • EVERYTHING happens for a just don't know why at the time.
  • EX-BOYFRIENDS are EX-BOYFRIENDS cause no matter how long you've known them - THEY STILL SAY STUPID THINGS
  • EX-BOYFRIENDS can still be sweeties and serve their Real Purpose.
  • GARGLE with salt water - it works I promise!
  • HONESTY is always the best policy.