Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!

Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!
On vacation I caught a big fish!

I LOVE BEING 40 – 40 IS THE NEW 30!!!

I went to a great surprise birthday party this weekend. This beautiful friend is now 50. She’d had some health issues of significant nature a few years ago. But today has a clean bill of health. Last Saturday night I looked at her in admiration. She looked great. Youthful, happy, fit – all of those things all of us want to be. I was truly grateful to God to what he blessed her with not only that evening, but in life everyday - a loving husband and stepchildren, a few step-grandchildren, great parents, great in-laws, great friends.

And the friends and family that shared that with her were very interesting. Some of them I knew and some I didn’t. It’s amazing the people we all touch in our life. The cards were passed around, some funny, some mushy, a few gag gifts and of course, a lovely diamond necklace. Courtesy of that fabulous husband she had that arranged the whole shindig!

Now some of us don’t get fancy surprise birthday parties, and sometimes not even a Hostess cupcake. But it made me think – my goodness in almost six years – I’LL BE FIFTY!!!!

I better get crackin on living life. Not they way I have been, but the way I want to. I want to worry less, laugh more, love more and please people more. You know – make someone’s day….

I always tell the kids, it isn’t always about you want to do, sometimes you have to do stuff you don’t want to do to make others happy.

The older I get the more I like me. Forget the sun damage, need for eye cream etc….etc…aches and pains in the morning, arthritis symptoms, and all the vitamins and drugs keeping me afloat.

I’m learning to do what I want to do. I’m learning to be a cool mom and grandma! I don’t carry a diaper bag and I like it! I can listen to rap music with my kids or go to concerts and enjoy it. I can wear my daughter’s clothes….almost both of them.
I’m a better cook; I’ve learned how to clean more efficiently. My car insurance premium is declining – in six years I can sign up for AARP and get ALL kinds of free discounts.

And the beauty of it is occasionally, there’s some silly young punk out there that ACTUALLY CARDS ME when I buy liquor!!! What a rush.

I do agree 40 is the new 30. ENJOY!!! START LIVING TODAY LIKE YOU WANT – cause you never know what tomorrow will bring. Or not bring.

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  • Be careful - I love you and don't call me if you go to JAIL
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