Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!

Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!
On vacation I caught a big fish!


Today was my birthday. It was an unpredictable but great day. Four out of six kids responded and thanks to Facebook I had more birthday greetings ever in one day! Kudos to Facebook.

It's rough turning another year older. I am now 44. Wow....not a milestone by any means, but believe me it feels like 66.

Today's birthday involved presents from co-workers, a lovely lunch, a fabulous chocolate cake from Costco, some new dishtowels, some homemade cards and some Dove bodywash products.

It started out with a hurricane type rainstorm and pumping gas in pouring rain. I wore a cute dress, went to work with wet hair and was 18 minutes late.

But at the end of the day I had several texts (even from DAD! Didn't know he could text). I had lots of emails and greetings from old friends.

Unfortunately, my sweetie is ill so we couldn't be together.

But I'm convinced the lesson I've learned this birthday is no birthday or regular day is what you plan it to be. Trials, tribulations and blessings come unexpectedly and without prediction.

This is life. I am grateful, I am happy, and even though it's not what I planned, it's what God gave me. Thank you God, friends and family for touching my life today and making me feel special. I love you all.

When live gives you lemons, make lemonade. When the chips are down, stack the back up.

Any birthday no matter what is better than a day away from the hustle, bustle, problems and worries. It will be okay!

It has to be.

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  • A MAN is only good as his word...
  • Always be nice to the elderly !!!
  • ALWAYS CLARIFY to someone under 25 whether it's a LOAN or a GIFT
  • Be careful - I love you and don't call me if you go to JAIL
  • BE NICE - Try something different!
  • EVERYTHING happens for a just don't know why at the time.
  • EX-BOYFRIENDS are EX-BOYFRIENDS cause no matter how long you've known them - THEY STILL SAY STUPID THINGS
  • EX-BOYFRIENDS can still be sweeties and serve their Real Purpose.
  • GARGLE with salt water - it works I promise!
  • HONESTY is always the best policy.