Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!

Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!
On vacation I caught a big fish!

The Birth of Poor Mommy Productions

How did it all start and why the crazy name?  No, I'm not a professional writer nor do I produce movies (of any kind). I can barely use the digital camera.  

I have been blessed with six beautiful children, 4 BOYS and 2 GIRLS ages 9 to 24. I'm also a grandma!  I have had many life experiences, many good and of course some bad. 

I was raised middle class and in my single adult life, with two divorces under my belt have also been economically POOR. We are talking food stamps, Christmas bought from the Goodwill and etc....I AM A SURVIVOR.

About ten years ago, during it was my second son's birthday.  ALL of my kids were born in the summer months at that time and this child's birthday was in JULY.  The birthday challenge happened in JUNE, JULY, AUGUST and two in SEPTEMEBER.

Birthdays and shindigs are important to me...and I don't know what it is but I've always had to scurry around with my creative abilities to make it look like a special production.

At this time, I couldn't afford a birthday card or a gift. It broke my heart, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So I found a light blue piece of construction paper and wrote him a "love birthday poem" with a ballpoint pen.   On the back of the homemade card, I drew a football logo and wrote "Poor Mommy Productions"  He was nine years old at the time  I gave him that card and probably a small gift from the Goodwill store.  He was and is a sweet boy and appreciative of my efforts.

Most recently I moved and while organizing we found "the card" in some pictures.  I'm also a packrat and save everything. I mean everything!  Thank God!

This son is now 19 years old.  Great kid with a wonderful personality.  I showed the card to him.  We both looked at each other and laughed and teared up.  The poem I wrote to him still reflects who and how he is.  I could have wrote that card yesterday, I swear!  Always be Sweet, Always be Funny,  Always remember to Shut the Door! and some other stuff.

AS SOON AS I FIND IT AGAIN, I WILL POST IT, because it is instrumental in my inspiration of this blog.


NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR LIFE bad or good, broke or rich....A good Mama always knows her kids. No matter how many miles or distance, from whatever reason - THEY ARE ALWAYS IN YOUR HEART.  And remember, you can lose a lot of things...but NO ONE can every take away the memories you have of your babies. These are priceless.

And just because you can't do what you think you should at the time, DO WHAT YOU CAN - Because surprisingly, ten years later another gift can arise from that same birthday!


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  • Be careful - I love you and don't call me if you go to JAIL
  • BE NICE - Try something different!
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