Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!

Momma at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO!
On vacation I caught a big fish!


Spring has sprung, the weather is good and just Saturday I washed my 20 year old car.  I'm in better shape than some in the fact that I have a car.  In fact I have two cars, 1 1990 Grand AM (130,000 miles) and a 1996 Jeep Cherokee (280,000).  What a minute, what year is it?  Oh yea, 2010. 

I have drove old cars for ten years. It must have been part of the divorce decree.   I have a mechanic on speed dial. and a box of Kleenex ready for those on the road emergencies that us girls have.

The headlines read this morning, $199 a month for a car - not a great idea and leases are coming back.  I made a decision last week to explore the option of getting a new car. I could keep mine, give one or two to my kids in need or sell one or both of my outright to get one decent, respectable shiny new used car. 

So I submitted my loan application and got a great little downloadable voucher.  My rate with my credit - 29.99% interest.  After some research I was told - oh, but that's SIMPLE interest.  You only pay interest as long as you have the loan.  And Angie, in a year when you rebuild your credit, you can trade, get something else and get a lower interest rate.  I wonder what that guy is thinking.

The inflation rate, which has been quoted as "invisible" is coming back, and I really don't see myself in a significantly better financial situation.  The state lottery hasn't blessed me either like I'd hoped.

At any rate, I love not having a car payment.  I love paying $44 a month for liability insurance.  I have learned that car maintenance should come next to saying prayers.

Check the oil and all fluids more regularly that the average Joe.
Check the air in the tires and inspect those as well.

One thing I've learned is that if you don't know how - ASK SOMEONE.  For you ladies out there that know nothing - even ask someone at the gas station to help you with oil or tire questions. There are still some nice guys out there with an extra five minutes.

At any rate, in the long run, save money, be frugal and shop around creatively.  Taking over payments on a car could be good, or asking around about an individual that might have an extra car that you could make payments on might be good.

For my situation - I recommend washing and cleaning the car for a little "pick me up".  I think the car just feels better after that!

I'm going to keep my old cars for now and save back mechanic money for unforeseen worsening of mechanical conditions.  Sounds like a plan to me at 29.99%!

But more importantly, I'm going to pray that when the time is right, the money is right, and the situation is right, with a little smarts and alot of Faith, God will provide me with a newer vehicle when I need it.

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